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Medical Information

Every SLU-Madrid student registered, with at least 1 credit, is covered by Sanitas Health Insurance. You must get your new Sanitas card each session at the Student Life Office in Padre Rubio Hall.

You can go to any of the doctors who work with Sanitas and any of the hospitals which accept Sanitas Health Insurance with no charge.

Remember, PLEASE PICK UP YOUR SANITAS CARD EACH SESSION. Accidents happen, please do not wait until you need the card to request it.

If you choose to go to other hospitals or doctors you will be charged and there will be no reimbursement. Therefore please check the following webpages to find out where you should go.

The SLU-Madrid Campus does not have a Medical center. However,  Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus works with a fully bilingual, U.S.-trained physician. While he does not work on campus, Dr. Borrás’ office is easy to reach using public transportation.

Dr. Rubén Borrás (English/Spanish)
C/ Padilla, 20 bajo derecha
Metro: Núñez de Balboa (Lines 5 and 9)
T: 91 575 9834

Students with any medical precondition (physical or mental) will be responsible for following the guidelines provided by their physicians in their home countries and for seeking the adequate resources to continue any treatment while they study in Madrid. Students may use their Sanitas Medical Insurance which is included in the tuition price. Students may contact Dr. Borrás, general practitioner in Sanitas, who will be able to refer you to any specialist within Sanitas at and/or SLU-Madrid Counseling Center at

While SLU-Madrid will make every effort to support students with severe medical conditions so that they may be capable of successfully completing their academic work, at times, such medical conditions are so severe that they negatively affect both the student as well as other members of the campus community. Please review the following list of available accommodations for students with special needs: Student Accommodations at the SLU-Madrid Campus.

Students with such conditions may continue to study at SLU-Madrid and access services such as Housing as long as the medical condition does not affect the coexistence of the student among the SLU-Madrid community members to the extent of being disturbing and disruptive.  Examples of these disturbing/disruptive behaviors include, but are not limited to: poor social interaction with host family/roommates, or social interaction that is aggressive, hostile, threatening, or disturbing to others; behavior suggesting the presence of a medical and/or mental illness that is causing significant disruption/distress to the student's family/roommates, such as depression (e.g., self-injurious behavior, suicide threats/attempts, isolating oneself in the room while at home, etc.), anxiety disorders (e.g., becoming hostile or excessively anxious when family members/roommates do not follow rigid routines, etc.), eating disorders (e.g., excessive weight loss, binge eating, vomiting frequently, or unusual requests regarding food and menus, etc.), and substance abuse, among others. 

When the presence of such behaviors is detected, the Department of Student Life, in coordination with the University Counseling Center, and the Dean's Office, will make a determination regarding the appropriate action required, including, but not limited to:  continuing academic studies, while receiving appropriate treatment for the medical condition; leaving the home stay; taking a leave of absence; or withdrawing from SLU-Madrid.

Please look at our Counseling Services webpage in case you think you may need a counselor to deal with your sickness, time of recovery, etc.

In case   you have been a victim of a sexual assault contact SLU-Madrid Counseling Services 24/7 emergency number: +34 609 269 323 or the Spanish Emergency number (free call): 112.

SLU-Madrid Sexual Assault Policy

In case of an unexpected pregnancy you may seek SLU-Madrid Counseling Services for counseling and/or phone the Spanish Unexpected Pregnancy Help line: 900 500 505 (free call)

This Help line will put you in touch with  a network of more than 40 different entities in Madrid who will provide you from counseling services to a whole year of accommodation and resources for you and your baby. Look up this network at Red de Apoyo a Jóvenes Embarazadas de la Comunidad de Madrid or look up if you are in Spain but not live in the Community of Madrid.

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