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Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus does not have a housing requirement.

We are happy to facilitate the placement of students with Host Families or to provide valuable guidance and selective referrals to students who are seeking housing outside of the University system.

Host Family Housing Arranged Through the University

Saint Louis University strongly encourages those seeking housing to consider living with a host family. Students living with a host family have the opportunity to be immersed in Spanish language and culture on a daily basis. This is often one of the most rewarding experiences students have outside of the University in Madrid. 

Non-University Housing Options

a) Colegios Mayores – Private dorms for university students.They do not belong to SLU-Madrid, nor to any university in particular. All of them provide a Spanish immersion experience, as most of the residents are native Spaniards studying at universities in Madrid.

The application and admission process is carried out directly - and solely - with the colegio mayor, as they are private businesses.

Single semester housing is not an option in the colegios mayores.

For those interested in exploring the option of a colegio mayor, the following colegios are conveniently located near the SLU-Madrid Campus: The application period for a colegio mayor is from early April to late May for the following academic year.

b) Residencias de estudiantes – Private dorms for university students. They do not belong to SLU-Madrid, nor to any university in particular. You may apply for a single semester and summer sessions.

The application is made directly with the Residencia. You may apply throughout the year.

You may apply for a single semester and/or the Summer sessions. c) Finding One’s Own Apartment

Finding your own apartment in Madrid can be a somewhat difficult undertaking, as most apartments are rented by the individual owner, who is sometimes assisted by an agent or friend.

For those who wish to find an apartment independently, we have found that students have had good experiences with Madrid Easy (, ( Friendly Rentals ( These agencies are interested in working with students on short-term (i.e. less than one calendar year) leases. Students have found them helpful and trustworthy in the rental process.
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