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Arrival and Welcome Sessions



Please enter you arrival information on the Arrival Form. This way we can ensure that your host family will be at home waiting for you on move-in day.

If you change your travel plans after you have entered your arrival information, please email Student Life ( with the updated information.


We recommend taking a taxi to your destination. By law, all taxis must use a meter. There is a fixed rate from the airport to anywhere in the area of Madrid city of 30€. Be sure to carry on you the complete address of your destination. Ask the taxi driver for a receipt: "Necesito un recibo, por favor" before getting out of the taxi. This will allow you to have the taxi driver's license number in case you leave anything in the vehicle or you wish to file a complaint.

While not a University-related or approved service, many of our students use MAD SHUTTLE ( or AEROCITY (

We do not recommend using the Metro de Madrid, as transporting luggage in the metro escalators is difficult.

All the students are responsible for making their own way to their housing assignment on Move-In Day.


We recommend that you obtain €50 (cash) before coming to Spain to cover immediate costs, including taxi fare and other incidentals.

We recommend bringing more than one card in case there is a problem and preferably Visa and/or Master Card. AMEX is not accepted in many places.

You may also need to activate your debit/credit cards before you leave for Spain so that you will be able to take cash from ATM’s at the airport and in Madrid.


If you have arranged with the University to live with a host family:

Housing placement is currently underway. If by the week before your official Move-In Day you have not received the contact information for your University-arranged housing assignment, please contact Ms. Margarita Casado at

All students are responsible for making their own way to their housing assignment on Move-In Day.

Students may not move into University housing prior to 8:00 a.m. on Move-in Day. Those who arrive early are fully responsible for their own accommodations. You may find a list of area hotels and hostels by clicking here.


Please make your travel arrangements accordingly:

New Permanent and Transfer students are required to be in SLU-Madrid on Friday, August 28 at 5 pm in order to attend the Fall Welcome weekend.

Study Abroad students are required to attend the mandatory Welcome Sessions on August 31, 2015.

The schedules for the mandatory welcome sessions are available here.

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