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David Howden
Office Location: Padre Arrupe Hall
Telephone: 91 554 58 58 - Ext.: 264
Degrees Ph.D. (Economics, cum laude), Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid Spain                               
M.A. (Economics), Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid Spain                                       
BBA (Finance, honors), Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Canada 
Books 2011. (ed.) Institutions in Crisis: European Perspectives on the Recession. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

2011. Deep Freeze: Iceland’s Economic Collapse. Auburn, AL: Ludwig von Mises Institute. with Philipp Bagus.
          a. forthcoming. Deep Freeze: Iceland’s Economic Collapse, British Edition. London: Terra Libertas.
          b. under contract. Saisie par le Gel: L'effondrement de l'économie Islandaise. Paris: L’Harmattan.
  1. forthcoming. “The CAP: Continued Agricultural Poverty.” Economic Affairs. with Brian Canny.

  2. forthcoming. “Deposits, Loans and Banking: Clarifying the Debate.” The American Journal of Economics and Sociology. with Philipp Bagus and Walter Block.

  3. forthcoming. “The Economic and Legal Significance of ‘Full’ Deposit Availability.” European Journal of Law and Economics. with Philipp Bagus.

  4. 2012. “Monetary Equilibrium and Price Stickiness: A Rejoinder.” Review of Austrian Economics 25(3): 271-77. with Philipp Bagus.

  5. 2012. “Still Unanswered Quibbles with Fractional Reserve Free Banking.” Review of Austrian Economics. with Philipp Bagus.

  6. 2012 “The Continuing Continuum Problem and Future Goods.” The Journal of Business Ethics. with Philipp Bagus.

  7. 2011. “Unanswered Quibbles: George Selgin Gets it Wrong with Fractional Reserve Free Banking.” Procesos de Mercado: Revista Europea de Economía Política 8(2): 83-111. with Philipp Bagus.

  8. 2011. “Monetary Equilibrium and Price Stickiness: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies.” Review of Austrian Economics 24(4): 383-402. with Philipp Bagus.

  9. 2011. “The Ethics of Tax Evasion.” Business and Society Review 116(3): 375-401. with Philipp Bagus, Walter E. Block, Marian Eabrasu, and Jérémie Rostan.

  10. 2011. “Fractional Reserve Free Banking: Some Quibbles.” Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 13(4): 29-55. with Philipp Bagus.

  11. 2011. “Unanswered Quibbles with Fractional Reserve Free Banking.” Libertarian Papers 3(18): 1-24. with Philipp Bagus.

  12. 2010. “Ethics and Monetary Theory: Is There a Common Middle Ground?” Ethics & Politics 12(2): 355-66.

  13. 2010. “The Term Structure of Savings, the Yield Curve, and Maturity Mismatching.Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 13(3): 64-85. with Philipp Bagus.

  14. 2010. “Knowledge Shifts and the Business Cycle: When Boom Turns to Bust.” Review of Austrian Economics 23(2): 165-182.

  15. 2009. “Qualitative Easing in Support of  a Tumbling Financial System: A Look at the Eurosystem's Recent Balance Sheet Policies.” Economic Affairs 29(4): 60-65. with Philipp Bagus.

  16. 2009. “The Legitimacy of Loan Maturity Mismatching: A Risky, But Not Fraudulent, Undertaking.” The Journal of Business Ethics 90(3): 399-406. with Philipp Bagus.

  17. 2009. “Fama's Efficient Market Hypothesis and Mises' Evenly Rotating Economy: Comparative Constructs.” The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 12(2): 17-26.

  18. 2009. “The Federal Reserve System and Eurosystem's Balance Sheet Policies During the Financial Crisis: A Comparative Analysis.” Romanian Economic and Business Review 4(3): 165-85. with Philipp Bagus.

  19. 2009. “Money as a Medium of Exchange and Its Evolution: An Elaboration on Mengerian Monetary Economics.” Procesos de Mercado: Revista Europea de Economía Política 6(1): 199-210.

  20. 2008. “Stability of Gold Standard and Its Selected Consequences: A Comment.” Procesos de Mercado: Revista Europea de Economía Política 5(1): 159-175.
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