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Political Science - International Relations

Laura Tedesco, Ph.D., Coordinator

Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus offers a four-year Political Science degree with International Relations concentration. This innovative and rigorous liberal arts program – conducted in the heart of Spain, a short distance from the capital of the European Union – provides an interdisciplinary course of study designed to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of today’s increasingly complex international system.

The Madrid Campus’ Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations aims to foster a theoretical and empirical understanding of complex international processes that are increasingly important to all nations. The program places special emphasis on the study of international, multilateral and regional political and economic institutions, while examining public and private state and non-state actors’ roles and interactions.

Saint Louis University strives to help students become drivers of change in the world by providing them the tools to formulate and defend ideas, develop the ability to think clearly and objectively, and argue and defend their stances convincingly. Students who are interested in the globalized world and eager to take part or make a difference in it are prime candidates for the Political Science degree in International Relations at the Madrid Campus.

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What can students do with a degree in Political Science?

A degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations prepares a student for a wide variety of career options. These include employment in:  local, state and federal governments; diplomacy; interest groups; international business and trade; international governmental and non-governmental organizations; development and/or humanitarian organizations; law; policy analysis and political research, etc. Moreover, the Madrid Campus’ degree in Political Science prepares students to pursue graduate studies in a wide variety of fields, including law, international relations and development, among many others.

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