Degrees & Programs

M.A. in Spanish

Olga Muñoz, Ph.D., Director


ma in spanishThe M.A. in Spanish program at Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus seeks to give participants a generalist foundation in the areas of Spanish Peninsular and Latin American Literature, as well as in the area of Teaching/Applied Linguistics. The program immerses participants in the Spanish language and its cultures; provides tools to achieve high standards of literary scholarship, along with an appreciation of the cultural and historical events which have shaped Spain and the Americas and their artistic and literary movements; enhances academic fluency and accuracy of expression as well as knowledge about the Spanish language in its historical and geographical contexts; and helps participants identify best pedagogical practices based on theoretical understandings of language teaching and learning.

The program is designed for holders of a B.A. in Spanish or a related field, language educators, and literary scholars. The program also serves students who wish to continue study in a Ph.D. degree program in Spanish or a related field. The summer program at the Madrid Campus is especially suitable for high school teachers of Spanish (*).

All courses required for the M.A. in Spanish program can be taken at the Madrid Campus. Students can also fulfill requirements for the M.A. in Spanish through a combination of study at the Madrid Campus and the St. Louis Campus.

The M.A. in Spanish faculty hold PhDs from leading European and American universities, offering the program a wealth of knowledge and research across a diverse range of literary movements in Spain and Latin America, as well as in applied linguistics.

(*) Other non-academic jobs: Writing, editing, coordination of language programs, acting, accent reduction training / speech pathology, computational linguistics, forensic linguistics / law, government careers, espionage, consulting / market research, lexicography and interpretation / translation.

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