Career Services

Fulltime Internships

Bilingual Communication Students with Outstanding Writing Skills (RoosterGNN) (10-04-14)

Computer Science, Math and Physics Students (Accenture) (08-04-14)

All Marketing and Public Relations Students (Next Chance Stocks) (02-04-14)

All Students Interested in Business and Finance (JP Morgan)

All Students Interested in Banking/Finance (Banco Santander)

Ongoing: Apply year-round

All Students, Summer Internship, Apply before mid-April (The White House)

All Students (Telefónica)

Business, Comm and Poli Sci Students (Cultural Diplomacy)

Comm majors with U.S. residency (Annenburg Center for Global Communication Studies)

All Students (WFUNA. United Nations)

Internship Program in NATO Headquarters, Brussels, for all disciplines (NATO)

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Political Science and International Relations Students (Institute for Cultural Diplomacy)

Political Science and International Relations Students (International Republican Institute)

Computer Science, Marketing, and Business Students (Microsoft)

National Internship Program (Project Vote Smart)

English Teachers (Training Express)

Volunteering and Paid Work in Madrid (HacesFalta)

Eurodesk – List of European Programs (Eurodesk)

Jobs and Internships (EuroBrussels)

Communications, Spanish and International Relations Majors (Voice of America)

Economics and IR/Political Science Students (International Labour Organization)

Political Science and International Relations Students (Foreign Policy Association)

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